Iraqi movie: Ibn al-Sharq


Aug 2023

Iraqi film critic and historian Mahdi Abbas reviews Iraqi films sequentially

The first Iraqi movie:
son of the east
The movie Ibn al-Sharq, directed by the Egyptian Ibrahim Helmy, is considered the first Iraqi film, and it is a joint production between Iraq and Egypt. The first and the last, the movie Ibn al-Sharq, directed by Ibrahim Helmy (the owner of the films Abu Helmous – 1947 Prisoner of Eyes – 1949 Ten of My Country – 1952 Kilo 99 – 1956) and artists from Egypt and Iraq participated in it. The first film was directed by the great photographer Wahid Farid, who has the largest number of films as director Filming in Arab cinema. The story of the film talks about Adel, the Iraqi young man who comes to Egypt to study medicine at the Egyptian University. He tends to a simple Egyptian girl who binds love between them and promises her marriage. He even proposes to her and her family agrees. However, a reckless rich girl can win him over to her, so he forgets his promises to his fiancée and makes up with her. This reckless girl almost fails in his studies, so he pays attention to himself again and returns to his first girl, and then with success. Indeed, he achieves great success in his studies to marry his girl, and they travel together to Iraq!!!
The film was filmed entirely in Cairo, and it is the first film to be shown in Baghdad before Cairo, where it was shown on October 20, 1946 at the King Ghazi Cinema in Baghdad (its place was at the end of the Garden of the Nation on the side of Al-Tayaran Square), achieving great public success, and the famous Iraqi singer participated in the film Aziz Ali, as for its screening in Egypt, it was on January 13, 1947 at Lux Cinema in Cairo.

Movie card:

  • Starring: Adel Abdel Wahhab – Aziz Ali – Madiha Yousry – Bishara Wakim – Saeed Khalil – Muhammad Kamel – Amal Waheed – Nourhan – Abdel Hamid Badawi – Zaki Ibrahim – Emad El Gendy – Badia Fawzy
  • Written by: Zaki Ibrahim – Ibrahim Helmy
  • Directed by: Ibrahim Helmy
  • Director of Photography: Waheed Farid
  • Editing: Abdel Hamid Abdel Fattah
  • Sound engineer: Jalal Al-Din Saleh
  • Produced by: Al Rasheed Films
  • Make-up: Micho
  • Music: Abdel Halim Nouira
  • Decorator: Habib Khoury


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