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Nov 2023

With the aim of activating the cinematic movement and supporting cinematic energies and competencies in Iraq
The Preparatory Committee announces the winning scenarios for the Iraqi Short Narrative Film Competition

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The head of the Iraqi Artists Syndicate and President of the Baghdad Film Festival, Dr. Jabbar Judi, announced the selection of the preparatory committee for the Baghdad Film Festival (session of the great director Muhammad Shukri Jamil), which is held by the Iraqi Artists Syndicate in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities and the Department of Cinema and Theater, under the auspices of the Prime Minister, Engineer Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani, for the period of From the tenth to the fourteenth of February 2024, about selecting the winning scenarios for the short narrative films competition covered by the Iraqi Artists Syndicate grant.
Dr. Judy said that the selected films are: (Freedom Monument), script by Fadel Mohsen and directed by Haider Musa Dafar, (Jabuja), script and direction by Anas Al-Moussawi, and (The Purple Flower), script and direction by Dr. Ali Hanoun, (The Guardian of Ur), screenplay and directed by Fayez Nasser Al-Kanaani, (Chastity Belt), screenplay by Hani Al-Quraishi and directed by Wathhab Al-Sakr, (The Crying of the Beautiful Lady), screenplay by Ruwayda Abbas and directed by Ali Al-Bayati, (Spare Husband), screenplay and direction by Bahaa Al-Kazemi, and (Umbrella), script and direction by Haider Jabbar Fahd, (Shoola), script and direction by Hani Al Quraishi, and (Perfume), script by Mortada Ahnis.
Dr. Jabbar Joudi confirmed that the production of these films is an effort to activate the cinematic movement and support cinematic energies and competencies in Iraq, as the union, through the festival’s production committee, will discuss and approve the production budgets of the selected films with their directors and in accordance with integrated regular and official contracts, as they will be shown in a special competition. It is a competition (Cinematic Spaces), and a special jury selects the best three films from among them and presents them with symbolic prizes and certificates of appreciation at the festival’s closing ceremony.
Dr. Jabbar Joudi explained that the festival will also produce the documentary film (Guardian of Imagination), scripted and directed by Dr. Mustafa Al-Shawki, which will be shown at the opening ceremony.


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